Demolition and Strip Out of walls, floors and staircases over 5 floors.
Excavation and install of drainage and lift pits incorporating underpinning.

Strip Out
Diamond Drilling



Strip Out of all walls throughout all floors working from access equipment was carried out working to coded drawings due to heritage items with in the building
Strip Out of passenger lifts, lift caps and lift gear were carried out in tandem with the scaffold contractor to ensure safe access was available at all times.
Demo to structural staircase and lift core, using Brokk whilst working around 2 designs of temporary works, one of which was designed by LDD to prop during removal.
Once the internal Strip Out and core demo was complete, new drainage and structural amendments were required. These included demolition and excavation of new lift pits to a depth of 2.5mtrs. During the install a specific underpin sequence was incorporated with the lift pit base and walls. Each pin had to connect to the next using ancon connectors, once poured and cured the next pin was dug and the new cage was connected until the base was complete.
Drainage runs were cut and excavated using a floor saw and Brokk to allow for new 6in and 8in timesaver drainage pipes including inspection chambers and pop ups, these were fully tested and signed off prior to reinstating with RC with a waterproofing detail.
Key issues during this project was access and egress and the removal of waste and rubble from all floors including the basement where we used conveyor belts.