Complete strip out & Fit Out of offices (TBC)
& grade II listed aircraft hangar (TBA).

Strip Out
Diamond Drilling
Fire Protection


ISG PLC / British Airways

LDD’s package includes the strip out of 200,000 sq ft of office space and a listed hangar including high level services, diamond drilling / sawing, firestopping and the application of intumescent paint for fire protection.
Business continuity, safety and security of BA’s compound were made ‘zero risk’ priorities from the outset. All operatives had to meet stringent security guidelines and observe the access and logistical rules at all times when on-site.
Dust and in particular FOD (foreign object debris) had to be eliminated and LDD have worked alongside ISG to ensure that all works were dust free and all waste being removed was loaded within a specially constructed FOD tunnel and transported in covered and sealed containers.
Waste was segregated as much as practicable on-site and LDD have top date achieved over 95% diversion from landfill of non-hazardous waste. Fluorescent tubes removed as part of the strip out were securely stored in coffins and removed from site by our hazardous waste management contractor.