Complete Strip Out of stud walls, shopfront glazing,
and demo of the RC slab.

Strip Out


Opera /
Jackson Coles

LDD were the principal contractors on this project so had to ensure a good relationship with Tower Hamlets council and the local residents at all times.
Hoarding licenses and section 50 permit to dig the public highway applications were requested and approved for by Tower Hamlets council for works required to the external area of the project.
Temporary works were designed and installed to secure the party wall during the works.
When the demo was complete the reinstatement of a new RC slab with hammer head shaped trench cast in, followed by new brick walls, screeding, grp trench grating, puddle flanges, waterproofing, sunray doors and Durasteel. As per UKPN design the unit had to be fully earthed using copper marshalling bar.
Due to the size of the UKPN substation planning and organization was carried out carefully so the multiple trades were not obstructing each other, and local residents were not disturbed next door during the demolition works.
Key issues included a change of design to the trench with in the slab but still achieving completion within the original program. This also incurred some challenges to the formwork install as the additional trench impeded the work area and head-height.
Working with the many sub-contractors appointed we were able to complete safely and on time as requested.
All works were inspected by UKPN building inspector and passed snag free.