Diamond Drilling basement -3 to level 37, concrete cutting loading bay slabs and walls, staircase openings, concrete repairs to RC transfer beams, Firestopping to basement -3 to level 37.

Diamond Drilling



The Diamond Drilling package involved the removal of RC slabs and walls to form new staircase openings, smoke vents and doorways. We removed the temporary loading bay ramp and walls where all skip vehicles reversed so the crane could load waste. All drilling noise had to be managed due to the close proximity of local residents. We had to cut and lift sections of RC rather than using our fleet of robotic demolition machines. We liaised with scaffolders and temporary works engineers to come up with solutions for crash decks and temporary propping during our works.
We also undertook the standard drilling of service holes throughout the project.
LDD’s package involves the firestopping to all penetrations on a temporary and permanent basis, seal sizes range from 100mm x 100mm up to 6m x 3m horizontally and up to 1m x 400mm vertically.
All horizontal seals were sealed using batt and mastic and vertically using structural compound. Every 10 floors were sealed on a temporary basis during the construction process as part of the fire strategy and then every floor completed permanently as and when the services were installed.
LDD liaised with product manufacturers to arrange specific details where required on site, the digital record system, Boris, has been used to record seals and produce evidence with photos and highlighted drawings of works completed
LDD, through our Builderswork division, also undertook RC works including repairs and reinstatement of transfer beams, RC works to lift pits, RC slabs and making good to floors throughout.