Complete Fit Out of 11 floors within occupied building.

Strip Out
Diamond Drilling
Fire Protection



LDD’s package includes the complete Strip Out of all 9 floors including roof terraces, cradles and plant rooms as well as controlled demolition, diamond drilling, passive fire protection and screed works.
Programme, logistics and handover procedures must be strictly observed in order to allow for client migration between floors. Business continuity is vital and we have found that noise is the biggest challenge as we must ensure zero disruption to the client within the day and to their residential neighbours in the evenings. Noise tests are conducted every Wednesday at which point we review and change our methods and/or tools where required.
Ensuring no ‘down-time’ is also essential to our business continuity plan as we are frequently working within live risers and around live services e.g. the male and female toilets are back to back and we stripped out one whilst ensuring the other remained operational and completely clean so that the clients did not know that we had worked there. We receive a weekly meeting schedule at the beginning of the week and regular updates so that we can plan to avoid working adjacent to active meeting rooms.
The client’s Facilities managers work very closely with ISG and like to oversee all works and labour. The induction process involves a detailed Background Check Form (examples attached), Disclosure Scotland Form, Registration and finally the Induction with a test. We have 70 operatives and 10 management level staff approved to work across within the client’s demise. Another stringent client policy is the submission and approval of Permits to work, which must be submitted a minimum of 3 days before planned commencement of works. This allows for the confirmation of availability of Security or Technology escorts, approval of all staff to enter a given area and full checking of associated RAMS etc. It can be difficult to ensure that permits for all types of work within all areas on set dates are approved in time so as to avoid programme delays but it is testament to the our organisation of our works that we delivered on-schedule and with several health & safety awards.