LDD’s package involves BWIC drainage. Strip Out of Durasteel in plantrooms, removal of link bridges, demolition, casting all structural works for the Everyman Cinema.

Strip Out
Diamond Drilling


Sir Robert McAlpine

LDD’s works started off in the basement installing a new underground drainage system to facilitate future tenants. We installed in excess of 200lm of drainage which had to be installed in 6lm runs at a time to ensure the structure of the building was not compromised. Some of the drainage runs were in excess of 2000mm deep so significant temporary works were designed and installed by us. Working throughout all of the floors, LDD formed new risers for M&E service routes. External building perimeter smoke vents were demolished, and new R/C upstands and slabs cast.
Throughout the floors LDD undertook slab infills to extend office working space. We helped our client extend working space by circa 200m2 across the floors. LDD cast R/C upstands on the roof to maintain waterproofing and also as a structure for a new steelwork frame to be erected.
Between 1FA and 2FA once stood 2nr sets of link bridges across 5nr levels each. We segregated the live office in 2FA from the construction site by erecting acoustic hoardings around the link bridge entrances. The strip out of the bridges started by erecting a fully dust tight scaffold structure wrapping the bridges. Glazing was removed and structure of the bridges demolished by cutting the steel members. Once the bridges were removed, timber and ply hoarding installed and painted black to blend in with the 2nr buildings.
LDD installed the structure to the new cinema in the basement. Tiered slabs cast for the seating to the cinema including new staircases and lobbies. Once the structure was cast, LDD then installed a floating acoustic slab on top which is jacked 100mm to assist with acoustics.
Furthermore, to works at 1FA, LDD are also working at 100 Liverpool Street where we are undertaking BWIC which has a current value of £800K and a screed package worth £570K. LDD are also working at 135 Bishopsgate where our package is growing every day, current value in excess of £100K.
All waste from 1FA, 100LS and 135 BG has been diverted from landfill. Recycling of waste @ 98%.