Soft strip of existing office spaces throughout levels 7 to ground floor,
including ceilings, partitions, services, carpets and RAF.

Strip Out
Diamond Drilling


Knight Harwood

LDD were tasked with undertaking a large scale cut and carve project in a bust thoroughfare in close proximity to local commercial properties and retail outlets.
Noise, vibration and third party protection were 3 of the major areas of concern at the outset of the project, but by collaborative working with the MC structural engineer, LDD temps works engineer, onsite scaffolders and a variety of plant and methods we were able to hit programme targets, maintain the structural integrity of the building, reduce noise pollution and protect our own operatives, those of other sub-contractors and the general public
The basement plant rooms were also stripped out following isolations.
Once strip out was fully complete the main RC staircase from the roof to basement 1 was demolished using 2no Brokk robotic demolition machines. The staircase was a pre cast staircase and in-conjunction with our temp works engineers we designed a sequence and temp works scheme that restrained the external brickwork walls and the existing internal RC lift shaft. The method allowed the integrity of the staircase to remain intact during demolition on the lower levels so as to avoid any structural collapse or damage to remaining structures. LDD installed all temporary works, engineered out of RSJ steels and stub columns as per the MC preference
LDD also removed 60lm of RC ring beam on every level around the exterior of the building. Great care was taken to avoid any concrete debris escaping externally as the road and public footpaths were in use below. LDD installed fans constructed out of scaffold boards covered in ply alongside GKR scaffolding.
Lift overruns and housing to the roof level were demolished, RC plinths broken out and non-structural columns removed for the new extension to be built. The RC mansard roof was demolished from the floor below using the Brokk 90 and crunching jaws.