Removal of 4m x 2m RC panels on the outside of the building on level 13
and the removal of the entire 13th floor RC slab.



Overbury PLC

LDD were tasked with undertaking a large-scale demolition project next to the lyric theatre in Hammersmith.
Noise, vibration and third-party protection were 3 of the major areas of concern at the outset of the project as well as having LUL lines running next to the building.
LDD installed noise monitors and vibration monitors around certain areas of the building.
LDD held responsibility for the methodology, all temporary works and maintaining the integrity of the building.
A methodology was devised to limit the impact on the structure, the risk to the LUL line below, the general public and the impact on surrounding premises and general public.
A variety of plant was used to complete the works to programme, safely and in budget. Where possible crunching and non-percussive methods were used to enable works to progress outside of noise restrictions.
LDD also removed RC slabs from level 1 to basement and RC ring beams at ground floor level.