Cutting new slab openings, blockwork, screed,
lift shaft, structural steel and Fire Protection.

Diamond Drilling
Fire Protection


Overbury PLC

LDD’s package involved creating 6no accommodation stair openings including cutting out existing slab in the manageable sections, and installation of new steel trimmer beams and TMD’s. RC infills, block work lift shafts and RC lift pits, screeding, Passive fire protection to service holes and steel beams, traffic bollards installed to the main entrance.
Key factors include cutting slab openings in a confined space controlling dust and noise around other trades. All lifting operations were required to be carried out to approved lifting plans. TMD’s fixed to existing beams were particularly tricky due to limited head space, size and weight of the single units. A mixture of tripods with chain blocks on the slabs above and genie lifts were used to complete the works safely.
Erecting ground to mez new lift shaft needed good planning as works were completed within a tight program and works area around other trades. The lift pit was a hanging design 7mtrs above B2 slab. The wind posts were also single length 7mtr section which were installed using a spider crane.
Installing the bollards required liaising with the structural engineer as the proposed bollards were of shallow foundation design with limited space between existing columns. Setting out was key to prevent any obstructions.
All noisy works were carried out in out of office hours times to minimize and disruption to contractors’ staff.
The operatives on site regularly won green cards and LDD won the contractor of the month award on numerous occasions due the proactive and safe approach to all high-risk activities.
Of all material not fully recycled elsewhere, we were able to achieve a rate of 95% diversion from landfill.